We’ve sparked a revolution in some of the most influential kitchens in London.

Faced with a broken food system, distorted by year-round availability and increasingly dependant on industrial growing methods, we set out to transform the supply chain and build a new system, rooted in straight-up transparency, radical seasonality and all-out flavour.

From Lyle’s in the East to Core in the West, our produce has been shaping the food scene for over ten years. We establish direct and transparent relationships with our growers. Our goal is to reinstate the value of raw flavour and celebrate the craftsmanship that goes into growing incredible produce.

"Working with Natoora allows us to produce the food we do. They work with some of the best producers in the UK helping them get their produce to London and they are also always on the look-out to bring new and interesting produce to the UK”.

James Lowe, Head Chef of seasonal British restaurant Lyle’s in Shoreditch, east London.

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Our revolution overturns the conventional idea of a wholesale supplier.
We trace flavour directly to its source, to skilled growers producing unique varieties of fruit and vegetables using traditional growing methods and heritage seeds. We give these small-scale farmers the support the need to compete with commercial producers without compromising on soil health, flavour or transparency.

In Cornwall, we are collaborating with Sean O’Neill to create a network of ethically-minded farmers under our own co-operative, Good Earth Growers. Together, we’re bringing organically-grown, seasonal Cornish produce – including micro greens, kales and chards, soft fruit and baby vegetables – to the London market throughout the whole year. It is growing communities such as these which prove that we can change the food system from the ground up.

Our foraging specialists at The Wild Room connect chefs to the most remote regions of the UK and further afield. They bypass the mainstream distribution channels and go straight to the source, collaborating with local foragers to track down the freshest Scottish Girolles in the Cairngorms, Marsh Samphire from the South Coast and Black Truffles in Western Australia. Their expertise lies not only in the sourcing but the care for the product: knowing which roots to leave behind, how to transport delicate forage and how to clean Marsh Samphire to keep its natural salinity intact from coast to plate.

Our produce uproots deep-set conceptions of food: we introduced fresh Bergamots from Italy previously only seen in the fragrance industry; popularised Camone, Raf and Marinda tomatoes under the term Winter Tomatoes; set uneven scarring as a recognised sign of ripeness with our Reine Claude Dorée and Bull’s Heart Tomatoes. Our ever-increasing range of radically seasonal produce sets the tone for the most innovative menus in London.

While the growing use of our radically seasonal fruit and vegetables signifies a landmark change within the food system, we are equally preoccupied by the smaller steps needed to bring about a total revolution.

Our campaign is making changes within the supply chain that other would consider unnecessary:

  • We’re moving from the industry standard to sustainably sourced, minimum intervention products on all our basic lines.
  • We moved from industry standard milk and cream to The Estate Dairy, a collective of passionate individuals with small pedigree herds in the South West of England.
  • Our chocolate comes from Original Beans, whose conservation projects give back to the land where the cacao is grown.

Our in-house developers design systems tailored to our produce, from the software we use in our scales on the picking line to the reactive stock system in our warehouse. We build our own technology to support the length of the supply chain, instead of turning to generic systems built for conventional wholesalers.

Our App is revolutionizing the way chefs order. No time waste over the phone or on email - you can now place orders throughout the day and at the tap of a button. Get live seasonal updates from growers in the field, be inspired by the best of what’s in season and dig deeper into our sourcing in Features.

Wholesale Hours

We deliver daily to central London and the surrounding area as well as twice weekly to Bristol. We are constantly expanding our service, so please enquire with the team to see if we can deliver to you.

Monday – Sunday: 7am to 5pm

24 hour order line with monitored voicemail from 5pm onwards

Give us a call on 020 7237 0346

If you would like to learn more about how we work or open an account with us, Please click through to our Enquiry Form to fill us in on everything we need to know to get you started.

You will then be contacted by a member of the team to discuss your requirements and we can see how we can best meet these moving forward.

We’ve sparked a revolution in some of the most influential kitchens in Europe and we’re now doing the same in the US.

We were the first to bring quality produce to the UK from known growers across continental Europe, and now our sourcing is shaping the menus of over 1000 restaurants in London, Paris & New York.

Varieties and languages may change but what we do remains the same across all regions: connect forward-thinking chefs with radically seasonal fruit & vegetables, sourced straight from small-scale growers who prioritize biodiversity, heritage and flavor over yield.

Our service doesn’t stop at the restaurant door. Working with us means joining a growing community of people determined to change the food system. From developing our own farming models to offering support to small-scale growers, we’re leading a breakaway movement within farming and food production rooted in conscious.

Real transparency from our growers to your kitchen

Support small-scale growers and keep incredible flavors alive

Deliveries six days a week in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Order in a tap with Natoora Pro

Never miss a beat. Get your kitchen set up on our chef-only app.

Our sourcing hubs in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Barcelona and Milan place us at the forefront of some of the most innovative farming in the world. We one-on-one with growers that allow us to bypass the market and go direct to the source of incredible flavor. For our chefs, that means fresher produce, greater variety and a direct connection to an inspiring growing community.

In London, we made a conscious choice to operate differently to other suppliers from the very beginning; in New York, our goal is to yet again break with convention. From locally grown specialty crops to California stand bys, we only work with growers who share our philosophy of putting flavor first.

Most importantly, everyone who works at Natoora - from our highly specialised buying team to our dedicated delivery drivers - shares the same aims that have contributed to our unprecedented growth in the UK. We are all emboldened by a tireless pursuit of flavor, committed to bringing only truly outstanding produce to kitchens and genuinely intent on changing the way people eat forever.


We deliver Monday through Saturday to Brooklyn & Manhattan.
If you would like to learn more about how we work or open an account with us, get in touch.

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