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ProvenanceEpping Forest, UK
Produce PortfolioMushrooms, Trombetta courgettes and flowers, Heirloom Tomatoes

Mushrooms being particularly close to his heart, Michael has been cultivating and foraging them for most of his life. This passion led him to start growing mushrooms (Portobello and chestnut) with truly fantastic results, of which our customers are now the beneficiaries.

His mushrooms are grown in organic compost beds and picked fresh every day. They are crisp and meaty, with the kind of sweetness and low water content that only slow-grown, freshly-picked mushrooms can have. These take twice as long as Polish mushrooms which are watered a lot more to speed up the growing process.

Yet, it wasn’t for the mushrooms we first discovered him. Mike has been growing a rare variety of Italian courgette for us, the Trombetta. He successively selected his own seeds from the best-performing plants, thus being able to continually improve his crop as the plants adapt to the local climate.

Together with the courgettes, he also harvests the male flowers of the plant. For these, proximity and freshness are crucial as they are extremely delicate products. By finding a source close to home, we have been able to supply a much fresher product into kitchens.

More recently, we have also been sourcing a beautiful range of heirloom tomato varieties.