ProvenanceWorcestershire, UK
Produce PortfolioPurple sprouting broccoli

Martin’s family has been growing purple sprouting broccoli for generations.

Each year, Martin selects seeds from the best plants and saves them for the following year’s planting, improving the quality of his crop at every harvest. These years of seed selection have resulted in a variety unlike any we have seen. The florets are tight, filled with miniscuple, tender, sweet leaves which creep out of the each individual floret. whilst The stems contain huge amounts of sugars.

There is immense consistency, which is particularly incredible for this type of vegetable. The seed has fully adapted to the local soil, climate and Martin’s growing ethos; it is singularly one of the finest examples of seed selection we’ve ever come across.

Martin harvests the broccoli with more of the stem attached for us as this allows the vegetable to keep for longer, but more importantly this is the most nutrient rich and flavoursome part of the plant. He harvests in the morning and we receive the product in the evening, ready to go out to customers the next day.