Supermarket culture has long fostered the kind of food system that makes fresh produce feel like any other commodity. This vast global system favours aggressive growing methods, seed hybridization and a loss of varietal diversity in order to give us the illusion of year round availability.

We’ve set out to change this expectation with a new vision for the fresh produce aisle. For the first time ever, you can now find radically seasonal produce sourced directly from our growers in six Waitrose branches across London.

In Canary Wharf, Bayswater, West Ealing, Finchley, Crouch End and Putney our produce is rotating through short, hyper-seasonal windows. City life and the expectation of continuous availability mean that many of us have lost touch with the passing of the seasons; we’re proud to bring you a clear snapshot of what is happening out in the fields.

This is the definitive guide of what you should be eating at this time of year.

Produce not only tastes better when it’s in season, but it is also fresher and tends to be better for you. Instead of stored onions, you’ll find fresh new season Tropea onions with their greens still attached. Sourced direct from the Calabrian coast - where they’ve been grown for 2000 years - they’re a radical departure from the usual supermarket onions that are industrially farmed in Holland or Australia.

Similarly, our lemons haven’t been harvested and kept in cold storage for months but come straight from the grove in Sorrento. Untreated and unwaxed, they are harvested with leaves on - a true sign of freshness.

By shopping seasonally, you’re supporting growing practices that are traditional, smaller scale and go way beyond organic certification. You’re protecting varieties that might never make it into supermarkets because they are not available on a continual basis.

We’re out to show that that it’s possible to work with all of the complexity and challenges of nature and, at the same time, deliver revolutionary flavour and unprecedented quality on a global scale.

Be a flavour revolutionary - come and find out what radical seasonality can taste like in Waitrose this summer.