The future of food is in our hands.

The way our food is currently being farmed and supplied is damaging to us and to our planet. Our mission is to replace a broken, opaque food system with a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

We source radically seasonal produce that highlights the true cost of farming, protects the land from soil depletion and favours sustainable, nutritionally dense crops with revolutionary flavour.

By working directly with small scale growers as well as developing our own farming projects, we are building a community which works together towards a common goal.

Together we can revolutionise the food system.

Be radically seasonal

By sourcing fruit and vegetables during their real seasonal window, we are bringing back bolder flavours and supporting sustainable farming practices.

Demand real transparency

Only by demanding real transparency from our produce and recognising the artistry of its growers can we create a better food system. We know the seed, soil and season of everything we source.

Seek out revolutionary flavour

We actively seek out heritage varieties, traditional growing methods and unique seeds chosen for their revolutionary flavour.

We started out in London over ten years ago with a radical goal: rather than convincing people to eat more fruit & vegetables, we set out to find better ones. Most suppliers buy through the established markets; we chose not to. To gain access to a better calibre of produce, we built the very first supply chain entirely geared towards exceptional flavor.

The first to bring quality produce to the UK from specialised growers across continental Europe, we have since established ourselves as the leader in quality fruit & vegetables in London, supplying over 500 restaurants and counting among our customers Ruth Rogers at The River Cafe, James Lowe at Lyles and Brett Graham at The Ledbury.

Giving British chefs access to better produce was just the beginning. It became clear to us that our mission to find better flavour resonates in many of the world’s capitals just as it does in London. This is why we have now launched in New York City, selecting the best varieties of seasonal fruit and vegetables and delivering them to chefs in Manhattan and Brooklyn from our warehouse in Bushwick.

Cosmopolitan life and the technologies that bolster it have made almost anything purchasable at the click of a button; yet access to truly seasonal fruit & vegetables is incredibly limited in cities that are too often monopolised by supermarkets, whose supply chains are completely reliant on industrialised agriculture. As a result, a lack of knowledge pervades, benefitting larger, commercial producers over truly committed growers who put more time and care into their produce.

In London, we made a conscious choice to operate differently to other suppliers from the very beginning; in New York, our goal is to yet again break with convention. From locally grown specialty crops to California stand bys, we only work with growers who share our philosophy of putting flavor first.

Most importantly, everyone who works at Natoora - from our highly specialised buying team to our dedicated delivery drivers - shares the same aims that have contributed to our unprecedented growth in the UK. We are all emboldened by a tireless pursuit of flavor, committed to bringing only truly outstanding produce to kitchens and genuinely intent on changing the way people eat forever.

It Started With a Peach

I was living in New York in the late 1990s and I remember one day calling in to my local grocery store. A lady was asking a member of the staff where she could find some peaches. It was December, in the depth of winter, and there was thick snow on the ground. It certainly wasn’t peach season.

I’d grown up eating fantastic fruits & vegetables. At the time, it struck me that something was seriously wrong with how people had come to think about and consume fruits & vegetables: with no knowledge of the seasons, and an expectation that products would be available regardless the time of year. I already knew back then that I wanted to do something about it. What that something would be I was less sure of.

Nearly 20 years on from that day in New York, and 10 years since Natoora was founded, we are not only established as one of the top suppliers to restaurants in London but we have also launched in New York City, where this journey began. The difference is that now, rather than feeling quietly concerned when faced with peaches in the dead of winter, we are ready to revolutionise the fresh produce industry and change the way people think about fruit & vegetables forever.

Franco Fubini