Last year we launched in New York, creating a radically new supply chain from scratch to bring incredible seasonal produce to chefs in Brooklyn and Manhattan. This year we’re proud to uncover a permanent platform in Paris for our food revolution.

Our shop in the small producers’ hall at Rungis Market showcases the best of our seasonal produce, sourced directly from producers within Île de France and across France’s richest growing regions. The stock is a reflection of what’s growing in the fields now: Île-de-France Summer Purslane, second generation grower François’ Apricots and Round Yellow Courgettes from Denis in Montauban.

Our mission is to build on the work we’ve been doing in London for the past ten years, nurturing relationships with producers preserving traditional growing methods and supplying chefs with their radically seasonal, perfectly ripe produce. Chefs such as Moko Hirayama and Omar Koreitem at Mokonuts and Antonin Bonnet at Quinsou are writing their menus based on what we’re bringing into their kitchens.

We’re very proud to have a dedicated space within one of Europe’s most established wholesale markets. Our Rungis shop will give more chefs the opportunity to come and share our revolutionary vision for a better supply chain, based on real connections with growers and a shared passion for flavour.