We’ve been supplying produce to the most influential chefs in London for over ten years, shaping their menus with our radically seasonal approach to sourcing. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our third retail store at 309 Fulham Road, which puts the same range of seasonal fruit and vegetables used by these prominent chefs into the hands of home cooks.

Fulham Road disrupts the monotony of year-round produce represented by mainstream retailers. Most greengrocers buy blind from mass distribution channels, favouring yield over flavour or provenance. We know the seed, soil and source of everything on our shelves, bringing real transparency back into the supply chain.

With none of the usual gimmicks of a traditional greengrocer - hessian sacks, overstacked crates arranged aesthetically not seasonally - our fruit and vegetables will move through the displays according to their unique seasonality - early, peak and late season. We’ve brought specialist misting guns from Ohio to keep fruit and vegetables at their optimum humidity. The entire space has been designed to elevates fresh produce to it rightful place - as important to our food system as meat & fish.

Our space brings together craftsmen we know and admire, from the small scale growers of our produce to the Peckham-based makers of Blenheim Forge knives. Our ceramics are made for us by Fernando Aciar of Fefo Studio in Brooklyn, with soft, organic edges tailored to the contours of perfectly ripe produce. We’ve only used two materials in the entire space: long-lasting cement micro-topping and timber terrazzo made of British walnut offcuts.

To us, our retail shops are a chance to have a real impact on our broken food system. We hope that in bringing radical seasonality to the High Street, we’ll create an irrepressible demand for widespread change.

Fulham Road represents real transparency, radical seasonality and revolutionary flavour - a total food system revolution.